Telecaster History

The legendary solid-body electric guitar that has been a staple in the music industry for over 70 years. Its simple yet elegant design and unique sound have made it a favorite among guitar players across different genres, including rock, country, blues, jazz, and even heavy metal music.

Designed by Leo Fender in 1950, the Telecaster was the first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar. Its two single-coil pickups and three-way switch allowed players to switch between a bright and twangy sound, or a more mellow and warm tone. Over the years, the Telecaster has been used by famous musicians like Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, Keith Richards, James Burton, Jim Root, and Brad Paisley.

The Tele

Joe Strummer bought his 1966 Telecaster in 1975 and that it originally had a sunburst finish. Strummer wanted to give the guitar a more stripped-back and authentic look, so he took it to a paint shop for some alterations. The guitar was painted black with car paint, giving it a more punk-inspired aesthetic. Over time, the black paint began to flake off, revealing the grey undercoat beneath. Despite this, Joe continued to use the guitar extensively throughout his career, and it became one of his most iconic instruments.

In addition to its distinctive black finish, the guitar was also covered in stickers that reflected Joe's interests and influences. These stickers included everything from political slogans to images of musicians and bands that he admired.

Today, the guitar remains a treasured part of Joe Strummer's legacy and is regarded as one of the most iconic instruments in the history of punk rock. Its unique and personalized look serves as a testament to Joe's creativity and passion for music, and its impact can still be felt in the music of countless artists who have been inspired by his work.

Tele Icons

The Clash

In the early 2000s, White teamed up with Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler to form The Raconteurs. The band's sound was heavily influenced by classic rock and blues, and White found that a Telecaster was the perfect guitar for capturing the raw, powerful tone he was looking for. White began using a customized 1964 Fender Telecaster that had been modified to suit his playing style. The guitar featured a number of unique touches, including a Bigsby vibrato, a white pickguard, and a custom wiring configuration that allowed White to switch between different pickup settings

Jack White's solo work began in earnest in 2012, when he released his first solo album, "Blunderbuss." The album features a mix of blues, folk, and rock influences, and showcases White's versatility as a songwriter and guitarist. He used a variety of different instruments on the album, including several Custom Fender Telecasters.

Tele Icons

Jack White

Bruce Springsteen - The Boss is known for his use of a 1950s Fender Esquire, which is essentially a single-pickup version of the Telecaster. Springsteen used the guitar extensively on his early albums, and it has become an iconic part of his sound. Springsteen's friend and fellow musician Steve Van Zandt showed him a beautiful 1953 Fender Esquire that he had just purchased. Springsteen was immediately drawn to the guitar's classic look and sound, and he knew that it was the perfect instrument for him. Despite playing other guitars, such as a Gibson acoustic and a Gibson Les Paul, Springsteen's Telecaster has remained his most cherished and beloved instrument. It has been with him through thick and thin, and has helped him create some of the most memorable music of the past few decades.

Tele Icons

The Boss

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